Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Welcome to the new home of my old blog

Welcome to the new home of my former Myspace and Wordpress blog, Hong Kong and Macau Stuff.

I've decided to move everything over to Blogger for several reasons, largely because I was getting a bit tired of Wordpress in general. It's a great platform but you need to spend a bit of money to get the most out of it, not something I really wanted to do considering this stuff is really just a hobby for me.

Apologies for those who enjoyed reading the various stuff I had on there but do not despair, I will be posting the majority of my content back on here, hopefully with updates, error fixing and more photos. Some of the stuff on the old blog just doesn't really make the grade anymore and will probably just disappear into the ether. Also, seeing as I have a whole other blog dedicated to film and TV locations in HK, then many of the posts I originally did on that topic will also just be transported over there instead of here.

It's a slow process, so I don't expect any of this to be done anytime soon however, I will start off with the more popular stuff I did and work my way back from there. Until the, stay tuned.


  1. Hi Phil --

    I've replaced your new blog over your old one on my blog roll. But I linked quite frequently to your old blog and now those links will be dead -- boo hoo! :(

    1. Hello Yvonne and welcome to my new home. Also congrats on being the very first to comment here. I know, sorry about the links, some may pop up here again but others may just end up in the trash bin, it depends on how I feel after reviewing them all. I have 300+ posts to transfer so it will take a while...:-)