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How You Can Show Support for the Anti-Extradition Bill Protests

I know this is a bit off topic for my usual cultural/historical posts but I figured I would add my contribution to the anti-Extradition Bill protests that have been in the world news over the past few weeks.

The below image popped up on Twitter a few weeks back and it is basically a list of prominent local business people (their Chinese names in bold) who showed support for the Extradition Bill amendments, and a list of the businesses they are involved in (as owners, directors etc). For obvious reasons there were quite a few requests for an English version of this list so that those who can't read Chinese could show some support for the protests by avoiding spending their money at these places.

Anyway, I took a bit of time out of my day to provide an English translation and I encourage anyone in Hong Kong who wants to show some moral support for the protests to think twice before they put money into any of the businesses listed below.

Sunny Lo Hoi-kwong - Chairman of Cafe de Coral Group

大家樂集團 - Cafe de Coral
上海姥姥 - Shanghai Lao Lao
米線陣 - Mixian Sense
一魚壽司 - Ichigyo Sushi
巷仔見麵館- Lane Noodles
泛亞飲食 - Asia Pacific Catering
利華超級三文治 - Oliver's Super Sandwiches
意粉屋 - Spaghetti House
一粥麵 - Super Super Congee and Noodle

Thomas Woo Chu - Managing Director of Hsin Kuang

新光酒樓集團 - Hsin Kuang Restaurant
新光海鮮酒家 - Hsin Kuang Seafood Rest
百樂門宴會廳 - Paramount Banquet
百樂門囍宴 - Joy Cuisine
肇順名匯河鮮 - Siu Shun Village Cuisine
鳳城酒家 - Fung Shing Restaurant
百味王火鍋酒家 - Best Hotpot

Chung Wai-ping - Executive Director of Tao Heung

稻香集團 - Tao Heung holdings
稻坊 - Tao Square
稻香超級漁港 - Pier 88
迎囍大酒樓 - Cheers Restaurant
客家好棧 - Hakka Hut
潮樓 - Chao Inn
鍾菜 - Chung's Cuisine
燒一流 - Seewide
泰昌餅家 - Tai Cheong bakery
迎.潮 - Joyous

Howard Lo - Chairman of Fuk Yuen Group
福苑火鍋海鮮酒家 - Fuk Yuen Hotpot Seafood Restaurant
金都海鮮酒家 - Golden City Seafood Restaurant
金都國宴 - Golden City Banquet
順德經典 - Classic in Shun Tak
舊墟茶居 - O-Mart Deli
經典廚房 - Classic Showroom

Yeung Koon-yat - Owner and head chef
富臨飯店阿一鮑魚 - Forum restaurant

Chan Wing-on - Chairman of Tai Hing Group

太興飲食集團 - Tai Hing Roast
太興餐廳 - also Tai Hing
靠得住 - Trusty Congee
靠得住粥麵小館 - Trusty Congee King
宮崎日式燒肉 - Miyazaki
東京築地拉麵 - Tokyo Tsukiji
南燒北鍋 - Roast Pot
匯麵一九五〇 - Minmix 1950

Simon Wong Kit-lung - Executive Director of LH Group

叙福樓集團 - LH Group
御苑皇宴 - The Banqueting House
叙福樓海鮮酒家 - Lucky House Seafood Restaurant
南京東路 - Nanjing Dong Lu
煲仔王 - Pot master
和平飯店 - Peace Cuisine
叻沙味道 - Lazat:Laksa

John Chong Yam-ming - Chief Executive Officer of King Bakery Holdings

蛋撻王 - King Bakery
慧霖快餐 - Kelly the Kitchen

Tony Siu Sing Tam - Federal Restaurant Group

聯邦酒樓 - Federal Palace
聯邦皇宮大酒樓 - also Federal Palace
聯邦金閣酒家 - Golden Federal Palace
潮廷匯 - Chao Dynasty
潮客 Chao and Hak
金滬庭京川滬菜館 - Golden Shanghai Restaurant
點好味 - Dim Delicious

Tang Ching-ho - Executive Director of Wang On Group
位元堂 - Wai Yuen Tong
萬有街市 - Allmart

Dennis Sun Tai-lun - Chairman of China-HK Photo Products Holdings Ltd

快圖美 - Fotomax

Thomas Lau - Chairman CEO of Sogo HK
香港崇光百貨 - SOGO

Ng Leung-sing - Non-executive Director, Vice Chairman**
集友銀行 - Chiyu bank

Bankee Kwan Pak Hoo - Chairman/CEO Celestial Asia Securities Holdings

時富金融 - Cash Online
時富資產管理 - CASH Asset Management
時富財富管理 - CASH Wealth Management
時富融資 - Celestial Capital

Philip Ma King-huen - CEO Sincere Company

先施百貨 - Sincere

Joseph Chu Kai-to - Executive Director

太子珠寶鐘錶公司 - Prince Watch and Jewellery.

I've only translated the businesses that are referred to by their Chinese names and have left out those with English names. But for those interested in knowing all the people in the list, the ones I didn't bother translating are: Michael Tien Puk-sun (田北辰), the founder and Chairman of G2000, Frank Leung Yat-cheong (梁日昌), founder of Shu Talk, Brian Li Tze-leung (李子良), president of Broadway Photo Supply Ltd and finally Maximilian Ma Yung-kit (馬墉傑) the founder and Chairman of MaBelle et al.

On a side note, it's interesting to find out that Thomas Lau (Chairman/CEO of SOGO HK) is the brother of fugitive tycoon, Joseph Lau. Joseph Lau was convicted on bribery charges in Macau a few years ago and promptly scarpered back to HK to avoid gaol. He was initially (understandably) against the bill until he came to an agreement with the Govt that meant his conviction would not be included in the general list of extraditable offences. 

Also, I see that Mr Ng Leung-sing is the LegCo member who suggested that the kidnapped Causeway Bay booksellers (a famous case from a few years ago which has some bearing on the current extradition legislation) had been arrested legitimately for crossing into the mainland illegally to visit prostitutes. So you can see the sort of quality people this list includes.


Since this first post went up, a few more companies have shown their support for the Govt and so I have decided to add this addendum to the post that starts with...

Marvin Hung - CEO of Hop Hing Group

Yoshinoya - 吉野家. The reason for the boycott of Yoshinoya can be found here at HKFP.

Lam Chi-fung - Chairman

Bestmart 360 - 優品360主頁. Following several incidents when protesters were attacked with impunity by local Fujianese triad gangs in North Point, it was discovered the Chairman of the Bestmart 360 company was a known affiliate and these shops have been targeted with vandalism in retaliation. I used to shop here for Barilla pasta which was cheap at only $8 for 500g but found that Japan Home Centres also now stock it at the same price.

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