Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Bruce Lee Guide to Yau Ma Tei

As promised, part two of my self-guided walking tours that take in the world of Bruce Lee. I originally posted this entry at the tail end of 2011 and I don't think much has changed in regards of what is still there but I do know the Bruce Lee Club has put up the odd "Bruce Lee Way" plaque or two. Not only is this a great way to see some Lee-related sites in Yau Ma Tei, but it’s also a good solid walk taking you through a large part of Kowloon that wouldn’t necessarily be on the usual tourist/visitor itinerary.

As before it’s mainly Bruce with some local interest thrown in for good measure and you can get the route from Googlemaps where I have plotted out the main sites listed below. This walk involves a lot of crossing roads so make sure you have your best walking shoes on and, seeing as this is HK, it will be hot. Even a HK winter can be warm and a bit sticky especially if you are traipsing around Kowloon with all its poor air flow, busy traffic and heat-radiating concrete.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Lung Cheung Road Lookout - summer versus spring

Following on from the last post on Hong Kong's air quality, here is a post I had originally put up some time in March of 2013. Actually, it was one of the last posts I wrote on the old blog before pulling the plug. The topic was a famous lookout point very near to where I now live and one reasonably fine day I took the kids up there to see what the view was like.

Okay, I admit the film buff in me was also a bit curious because this spot has supposedly been used many times for film locations and, in fact, the first time I had really heard about it was from reading Dan Thomas’ excellent Hong Kong on Film blog. He had identified this place as one of the locations featured in the film Where’s Officer Tuba.

Anyway, despite the very unreliable air quality I figured it was worthwhile highlighting this place. Despite an abundance of tour coaches laid up in the adjoining car park, we had the place to ourselves which leads me to believe a lot of coach drivers use this place to have a kip in between pick-ups.

Hong Kong Air Quality

Here's a quickie for those with any doubt about the varying air quality that you can encounter here in Hong Kong. For purposes of comparison I took a couple of snaps out of my window a while back at different times of the year and although it's a little bit of a generalisation, they do show the differing quality of air at different times of the year.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Canton-style Shophouses, Territory-wide

Any long-term reader of my blog (or at least the last version of it will probably already be aware that one of my great obsessions since moving here has been the various Canton-style shophouses that, though once prolific, are a bit of a dying breed. It's a big shame because many of these buildings have enormous character - especially when you compare them to the generic office blocks that spring up in their place. Canton-style may or not be an official term to describe the shophouses that have front supporting columns/pillars that extend the first floor of the building over the pavement, offering a slightly more restricted passage underneath but at the same time affording some respite from HK's often harsh climate. The pillars were also used to display the shop/business name before the advent of neon signage.