Saturday, 28 March 2015

Iec Long Fabrica De Panchoes, Macau

I've just realised that despite this blog's name and the fact that I have been moving my posts over here now for almost a year, I've only managed to publish a single article about Macau. Time to change that, I think, with this old post concerning the Iec (pronounced "Yeck") Long Fabrica De Panchoes in Taipa village.

Friday, 27 March 2015

A quick visit to the old Tai Po Police Station

A few years back I was lucky enough to join a local battlefield tour of the New Territories organised by The Orders and Medals Research Society, and led by noted local historian Dr Pat Hase - the author of an excellent book concerning the so-called "Six Day War" that followed the British Govt's taking over of the NT in 1899. Prior to the tour starting, Dr Hase was able to organise a very quick site trip to this noted set of structures that sit atop Flagstaff Hill in Taipo. This hill was also the location for the NT handover ceremony and saw the initial part of the fighting between British troops and local village militias (I suggest you read the book for yourselves) and of course, at the time the Police Station hadn't been built, but it's a historic place and Dr Hase had the means to shows us around, which he kindly did.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

New Town Plaza podium and some 90's nostalgia, Shatin

Anyone who visited Shatin's New Town Plaza during the 90's will probably remember that it was a vastly different place to today. Before it turned into the overpriced and rather vapid Mainland Chinese shopping Mecca it is today, it was a fairly 'normal' local mall with normal shops that weren't selling whitening creams, Ugly Betty-style fashion, rolex watches and 10 carat diamonds. The one thing that made it stand out in my memory was the rather naff musical fountain in the centre of the main plaza (see below). Every 15 mins or so (it could've been 30, I can't really remember) tinny classical music would start up, coloured lights would start flashing lights and twirling jets of water would shoot into the air.

New Town Plaza in the 80's (Source: 昔日香港 on Facebook)

Monday, 16 March 2015

The American Club and Enter the Dragon

A few of the more popular posts from my old blog covered the topic of the location used for filming the tournament scenes in Enter the Dragon. It seems that for a lot of people this topic never gets old, and people still contact me about it quite regularly - especially so since I took the old posts offline. In the interests of Lee fans around the world and to avoid several overlapping posts, I've merged them together into a single consolidated post below, which has also given me the chance to relook at some things and include some pictures I left out first time round.

So, just how much of the tournament grounds from Enter the Dragon still exist? The answer is, sadly, absolutely nothing since the whole area was redeveloped into two main sites: The American Club and Pacific View apartments. But thankfully some glimpses of the place's kung fu past can still be found if you look hard enough.

 Stanley Lodge, Tytam Villa and Palm Villa from above (Source: HK Govt)