Thursday, 6 August 2015

And then there were three...the end of Tung Tak Pawn Shop

Those interested in Hong Kong's built heritage may already know the news that the Tung Tak Pawn Shop on the corner of Marsh and Hennessy Roads is currently being demolished to make way for a high rise. It's a sad time for heritage conservation (actually, it always seems to be a sad time for it) because this building was one of only four remaining columned corner shophouses that feature a curved facade.

Its fate was decided some time back and even when I included it in this post about shophouses, I was aware it had been slated for the wreckers ball. But still, it's a great shame that a stylish and historic building such as this will just end up being replaced by some bland glass box to match all the other new buildings in Hong Kong.

Tung Tak Pawn Shop