Thursday, 5 January 2017

An Article (or two) for Portwatch Magazine

For those interested, I penned a couple of short articles for a club magazine over the previous summer. Portwatch is the publication produced by the Aberdeen Marina Club in Sham Wan. I figured that with all the information I had on films made in and around the area it might make interesting reading. Sadly the word limit was a bit restrictive - the bilingual nature of the publication meant I only had half of what I would normally get. As a result the editor decided to split the article into two parts. I would have loved to go into more detail but there you have it.

There's no direct link available but you can go to the club's website ( and find the offending material on and either download it or view online:

Aberdeen on Screen Part 1: Jul/Aug 2016 issue pages 30-31
Aberdeen on Screen Part 2: Sep/Oct 2016 issue pages 28-29


  1. Mr. Phil... indeed offending material... expected that from you though nonetheless!

    Interesting to not the Jul/Aug edition features the cover story of Barcelona where I was honeymoon with the wife at the exact period.

    Thanks for contributing to HK... btw, if you ever head over KL way in Malaysia do drop me a line, I am now working there...

    1. Cheddy...many thanks. The magazine is okay but is privately distributed to members so not a massive readership, but still it's always nice to see stuff in print.
      KL...I had no idea you were there! Ii was in KL in July for afew days, never mind, next time. Phil

    2. Yes... I have no idea why I am here at KL either... as you say, next time Mr. Phil!
      Just read your latest, boy, your boy is now an 8yo, he must be much taller than when I met him some 4 years ago!

    3. Yes...twice as old and twice as cheeky!