Thursday, 22 March 2018

Walking up Jat Incline

Jat Incline is a former military road and named after the (then) British Army Regiment that built it. The Jat Regiment is an Indian Army Regiment that, prior to 1947, was part of the British Army and (according to the marker stone at the junction with Clearwater Bay Road) it was the 199th Jat Infantry responsible for the construction of the road in 1907. Sadly, I don't have a picture of the marker stone because I started my walk from Ngau Chi Wan Street - about 50 metres from the aforementioned junction - but has a few pictures.

At some point the road name has become corrupted from "Jat Incline" to "Jat's Incline" and I can only assume that it may be due to the way the name was transliterated into Chinese. The Cantonese name for the road is Jat Saan Do (扎山道) where the first character 扎 is pronounced in a similar way to "Jat". This same character is also a Chinese surname so it's possible that when the road signs were being made, the sign makers assumed that "Jat" was a surname and gave the road its current possessive form.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Lomond Road Garden, Kowloon

On my recent wanderings around Kowloon, getting snaps and working out the route for the last Bruce Lee tour, I came across a small "rest garden" on Lomond Road. Hong Kong is full of these so-called rest gardens. Often they are just very small parcels of Govt land that are unsuitable for development and usually pretty drab places with concrete furniture and not much else. Sometimes you can be lucky enough to find one that actually looks nice but most are just an afterthought and demonstrate a real lack of imagination on the part of the city planners and contain little of interest.

Lomond Road Rest Garden is different because despite being tiny, it appears to contain several hundred years of history.